Week 12: 21-27 march

Posted on: Mon, 21-Mar-2016

Aries started.
New cycle.

But it starts with a great combination.
Square between jupiter and saturn. Great importance.
And in the same time, full moon.

So 23-24 march are to watch.
I presume there will be a stress involved.
It’s like you push the acceleration and breaks at the same time. 
The engine is getting red hot.
It’s great for big changes though.
Social changes.
Or big changes in personal belief system.

27-28 march are also to watch.
They are most probably negative.
Losses are favored. Accidents included.

All in all, it’s great to start the year by trying to execute your best envisioned life and correct routines.
At least for a couple of weeks.
It’s worth the effort in the long run.


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