Week 14: 4-11 april

Posted on: Sun, 03-Apr-2016

Strong week ahead.
Besides last square jupiter-saturn.
Besides last eclipse.
Besides some other strong squares after the eclipse.

Now we have another series of 3 big events, few days apart.

Sun-saturn trine (Tuesday)
New moon (Thursday)
Sun-uranus conjunction (all weekend)


Monday and Tuesday: good to lay low, good to dodge zombies, good to hide under safe rocks, good to avoid eating, and good to sleep. 
Tuesday evening and Wednesday, probably there will be a bang, maybe (another) social turmoil (venus enters aries also)
Thursday new moon.
Then 2 delicate days, with shocking uranus on top, which always requires maximum attention and alertness.
Sunday would be the first normal day, or the beginning.

In the long run,
people, like me, who feel the tiredness imposed by hard aspects in this period (last 2 months and next 2 months)
can expect the sky to clear out, starting only after may 26th
May 26th being the last stage of the jupiter-saturn square, the most important event these months.

Your best friend these days, your bed.

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