week 17: 25 april – 1 may

Posted on: Sun, 24-Apr-2016

Monday and Tuesday.
Monday could contain clues about what will happen with jupiter-saturn square.

Wednesday to Friday can be tough.
Mercury goes retrograde.
Usually, now it’s time for one thing to be terminated, finished, repaired, fixed, or restructured.
This thing will pop up in this period. Thursday most probably.
It will come together with mental pressure out of nowhere.

Weekend is contradictory.
On one hand, it’s positive.
On the other hand, there’s a source of stress that can generate frustration and anger.
If resistance develops around you, it’s good to remain calm and accept to move slower. 
Don’t go against the current, as it will get bad. 
Maybe it will not get bad immediately, but if you fight the current, it will get bad next days.

So the main theme is the thing to be repaired or terminated.
Don’t start new things.
End unfinished things.
Fix things.
Check things.


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