week 19: 9-15 may

Posted on: Sun, 08-May-2016

Monday. Some people will access more understanding. Otherwise, cheap talk.

Tuesday. Boring work.

Wednesday. Dangerous day. Be watchful. Pilot mode can generate accidents. Easily.
If you feel sleepy, then sleep or rest. Don’t over do it. Avoid pilot mode.

Thursday. Positive day. Sky is clearing. Transition day.
But the night can bring storm clouds, possible tornadoes in some relationships.
As a start for Friday.

Friday. Very strong day. Especially for relationships.
If things insist to go astray or south, avoid contact, go away.
Shut your (nasty) mouth.
Avoid begging for attention.
Avoid useless pride.
Delay decisions until Sunday.

Saturday. If war on Friday, now the storms settles. But not immediately.
If Friday was good, then one more good day.

Sunday. A positive day. Seeing Friday’s story in perspective. Picking up the pieces maybe. Understanding. Decisions.


All in all, the peak of the week is Friday.
Treat Friday with care.
Probably all week will develop towards Friday, building up slowly.

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