week 23: 6-12 june

Posted on: Sun, 05-Jun-2016

The big hump has passed apparently on Saturday, so this is a recovering, mostly easy week.

Monday. Same as Sunday. Simple day, not serious.

Wednesday. Solitary, working days. There’s a building energy trend, which will peak Thursday and Friday. 

Friday. Positive days at their roots, but heated arguments can burst out of past days’ building energy. It all depends on the relationship’s state. They can be constructive if there’s openness and honesty. Lies and cheap rationalizations are not good. Friday requests more precaution than Thursday.

Weekend. Quite a mixed weekend. Both positive and stressful sources. Awareness is needed for sure now. Sunday is a little more negative than Saturday. Silence is natural now. It would be great if you let people, activities and things be separate, if they want to. Square type of days, many 90 degrees turns, not smooth. 


All in all, it’s a much easier week to handle.

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