Week 26: 27 june – 3 july

Posted on: Sun, 26-Jun-2016

Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.

Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.



Monday, 27.
No movement day. Natural delays, against activities.
Rest, take your time, no need to rush, or to force.
Nature will take care of those who try to rush you, bosses included.
Rest for Tuesday.

Tuesday, 28.
Strong day, with lots of friction
Conflicts can arise very fast, incisive and powerful.
Time to walk very slowly, to bring as much awareness as possible.
But slow pace is critical.

Wednesday, 29.
A moderate continuation of Tuesday.
But don’t underestimate this day. Some explosive waves from Tuesday can still blow in your face, suddenly.
On the other side, in many ways, the same pattern as Monday.
But active awareness is more needed, as things will not flow easily at all.
Patience is critical here.

Thursday, 30.
A very domestic and easy day.
Probably people will rush to home, in search for “family moments”.
Positive day, but prepare for Friday.

Friday, July 1st.
Insidious day. Inviting on one hand, explosive on the other. I don’t like this day.
Continuation, or in resonance with Tuesday. Slow pace is vital. 
For sure, people who abuse their luck today, can get in nasty negative situations. Including ugly accidents.

Weekend, 2, 3.
New moon energies in full force (new moon will fall on Monday, 4th of July) 
Mind will be flooded. Tsunami of thoughts at first, then emotions. Past, old past.
And negative Friday‘s energy is still active.

Don’t try to stop it, but watch it very closely, take notes. Time to see, understand, clarify, decide.
Not the time for physical changes, except reparations (probably water related, water pipes etc).
Main effort should go into taking notes, awareness and patience.
Have the guts to see your self in the mirror

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