week 27: 4 -10 july

Posted on: Sun, 03-Jul-2016


Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.


New Moon.
Should be a free day, no job, no nothing.
Time to be very reflective, to wait and to see.
To take notes of your (old) beliefs, past self.
Time to decide, again.

Mixed day.
Positive emotional background.
But there can be strong (emotional negative) shocks, out of the blue, from you, or from others.
If shocks, then remain calm and wait for clouds to dissipate. Don’t try to convince on the spot, or to understand immediately, or to communicate => gas of fire only.

Positive day.

Same positive, but, as Tuesday, watch for shocks again. Most probably anger from control freaks (you included).

Friday and weekend.
Good positive period. 
But don’t push it. It’s positive, but not Latin America Festival.
Great for home acquisitions, fixing stuffs, cleansing on any level.


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