Week 30: 25-31 july

Posted on: Sun, 24-Jul-2016


Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.


5. Moday, 25th
Easy going day

6. Tuesday, 26th
Same, maybe some bumps here and there.

7. Wednesday, 27th
Stressful day.
Communication breaks down.
Human contacts are not favored. Delay for Friday.
So, the best version is work, dealing with things only.
Those who beg for attention, will attract war.

8. Thursday, 28th
Continuation of Wednesday.
Conflicts will be more channeled in verbal arguments.
Talking is gas on fire. Delay talking for Friday.
Again, let human contact be diminished, and take care of things and business.

9. Friday, 29th
Air cleared in human relationships.
Talking and interacting with people is better now.
It’s small talk, but it’s ok.
Now it becomes clearer there’s no drive for doing anything.
Next few days will be marked with sleepiness and no physical motivation.

1. Saturday, 30th
Same as Friday, with more accent on sleepiness and lack of motivation.
It’s ok, go with this energy, rest, vacation, sun, etc
Those who fight this energy, will feel frustrated and depressed.

2. Sunday, 31st
Same pattern, but energies shift in background.
Nothing new visible yet, because we enter new moon ending phase.
New moon end will enter in force today, bringing past and zombies.
Time to bring in the notebook, to note things very attentively, to observe your past self.
Until August 3rd, it’s time to decide what you need from now on.


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