Week 31: 1-7 august

Posted on: Sun, 31-Jul-2016

Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.

Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.


9. Monday, 1st
Monday and Tusday are new moon days
Trend continues with lack of motivation, and feelings from past.
Disturbed feelings => effort to remain calm.
Confused and heavy dreams.
There is danger in the air => awareness at each step recommended.
These two days, observe very carefully.
See what comes, decide what you need to let go, let events happen.
Ideal days for reflection, meditation, rest, away from facebook and distractions.

1 Tuesday, 2nd
New moon.
This new moon is important, it has a long term influence.
Karma, tests, decisions, in a silent atmosphere, when teacher is silent.
Everything nature presents these days is important and she demands careful reflection and careful choices.
It’s not just “another sunny” day.
It’s the light version of the eclipse to come next month.

2 Wednesday, 3rd
Start point. Energy shifts. Positive energy.
It could trigger repressed pools of energy to explode, literally.
It would be great if you channel the energy into focus and effort towards a positive direction (which was hindered continuously until now => great opportunity to start right again) 

3 Thursday, 4th
Positive if things are taken care of in a gentle way, with patience and style.
Otherwise, it can get hotter than normal.
There’s a mental stress developing in background, which demands more and more effort to be patient.
Don’t rush the process.

4 Friday, 5th
Mental stress. First peak. More effort needed for patience.
There’s also danger in the air.
Avoid projecting this inner stress on people. Nothing good will come out.
Delay arguments for Sunday. Invest in calm.
Avoid rushing, invest in patience, be meticulous, work.
Anger is useless.

5 Saturday, 6th
Mental stress. Second peak.
This could be even bigger than Friday.
Relationships and belief systems are targeted.
Arguments can get very messy. Delay discussions for Sunday.
This mental stress, if invested in physical work, can give great positive results.

6 Sunday, 7th
Negative influences back down.
Good day for all those delayed rational discussions.

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