Week 34: 22-28 august

Posted on: Sun, 21-Aug-2016


Natural weekly energies. But they can be affected, with attention and effort. Both ways.


3. Monday, 22nd
Smooth and positive days, ideas, slow, not work, sun.

4. Tuesday, 23rd
Same positive, good for activity, physical, work, energy influx, energy change.

5. Wednesday, 24th
Mixed, positive at root, but a portion of negativity begins, slow down, more awareness, no speed

6. Thursday, 25th
Negative day, resistances, talking is bad, communication is bad, be alone, rest, patience, avoid close contact if possible, exhaustion.

7. Friday, 26th
Same as Thursday, with a focus on social conflict, social beliefs, relationships.
Thinking is not favored, imagination is very good, great to sort out, filter, choices, decisions.
Focus on future is favored.

8. Saturday, 27th
Negative starts to recess, home, emotional bonding, prepare for strong next week.
An important symbol, or clue, or issue will surface this late august, which needs to be solved or settled in the following weeks.

9. Sunday, 28th
Same as Saturday.

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