Week 39: 26 sep – 2 oct

Posted on: Mon, 26-Sep-2016


Hard to predict week. Lots of good energy, but lurking energies in background.
Plus, new moon week.


8. Monday, 26th
Positive, no matter the lurking entities.
It’s a pivotal day, for long time to come.
Adjustment for balance, is the rule.

9. Tuesday, 27th
Same pattern, positive no matter what.

1. Wednesday, 28th
Day to watch.
Because change is infused, new patterns come in foreground.
But, new moon is in full force now => strong conflict between old and new.
Things will get more serious.
Probably this is the first stage, of purging the old.

2. Thursday, 29th
Same pattern, more force, closer to new moon.
Dreams should be very dense, and full of old circumstances.
Most probably relationship related, unsettled things, unfinished forgiveness.
Rest, meditation, sleep, fasting, great until Saturday.

3. Friday, 30th
Strongest day of the week, again.
New moon in full force.
Desire to change, in full force.
Focus should be given in clarifying what’s good and what’s bad.
Nature will insist on purging relationships, eliminating useless aspects. 
Delay action in full force for Saturday onward.

2. Saturday, 1st
Good for pushing forward the good.
Even if on the surface is Sabbath and Libra, action will start in full force today. 

3. Sunday, 2nd

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