Week 40: 3 – 9 oct

Posted on: Mon, 03-Oct-2016


Build up of energy until 6th.
With few exceptions, work is the way.


4. Monday, 3rd
Tricky day, quite negative, can give abrupt negative feelings.
Aloneness, good for work, work is favored.
But attention required.
Good to pay bills, pay back loans, and give out useless things.

5. Tuesday, 4th.
Same pattern.
A little better probably.
But energy build up continues.
All in all, same terrain.
Social interactions are smoother than Monday.

6. Wednesday, 5th.
Sluggish day, but more positive.
Can be one peak of the buildup.

7. Thursday, 6th.
Mind doesn’t cooperate too much.
Not the time to think, or planning.
Good for creative activities, or rest, sleep, taking care of the body, or spiritual practices.
Social is favored also.

8. Friday, 7th.
Same pattern, but more positive.

9. Saturday, 8th.
Energy shift in mind. 
But also, a source of stress grows, it will peak on Sunday.

1. Sunday, 9th.
Stressful day, quite negative
Can give conflicts, out of nowhere.
Again, focusing on physical would be good, to channel energy in a constructive way.
Solitary activities are favored, avoid getting too close to people this week.

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