Week 42: 17-23 oct

Posted on: Mon, 17-Oct-2016



…and, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything… is ….

9. Monday, 17th (..or what’s left of it)
Good day
these days there’s a tendency to wander around
day dreaming, but it’s ok and natural
actually why not use it and project great things? if imagination flows easier 

1. Tuesday, 18th
Better day still
Silence is favored
Inner activity is prevalent also
Meditate and rest your mind, prepare for what’s next

2. Wednesday, 19th
Boom, change of energy
Mental explosions
Mind will go to extremes these days
Great, if there’s a focus on some direction => ideas and sparks can appear
Headaches can appear also, of course

3. Thursday, 20th
Peak of mental activity, tendency to go to extremes, avoid it
What starts positive, but goes to extreme, becomes negative 

Can be very exhausting, or even troublesome for some
Those who don’t think too much, don’t bother 😀

4. Friday, 21st
Negative period starts
Especially in relationships and at home
Not that it’s negative negative
But time now wants silence, slow movement
And after last days, and given it’s weekend, myeah, friction will result
energy waste, then conflict, as usual

5. Saturday, 22nd
Same pattern, more accent on slow and distance

6. Sunday, 23rd
Another big change in energy (sun scorpio)
This day is the most demanding in awareness
Danger will grow continuously from now on
But there’s also a positive influence (lucky, at least for a while)
But landmines are landmines

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