Week 43: 24-30 oct

Posted on: Sun, 23-Oct-2016



Beware! Hellish week ahead
(actually even more than a week, like 10 days at least)
New Moon week also
Luckily, there’s a lucky star in the sky
But it would be a grave mistake to underestimate the following period
This period demands very high awareness

7. Monday, 24th
Things are quiet for now
First bumps were last week, friday, saturday (they were a preview)

8. Tuesday, 25th
Another preview day, like friday/saturday, last week
although things can just ventilate quickly, for now
energies can rise sharply and violent, though

9. Wednesday, 26th
Stressful day
Stress between society/work and individuals
Energy mounts a little more

1. Thursday, 27th
Low day, less stress, but low, physical
Probably people will “exercise” anger and frustration
It’s good time to invest in balance, at least until new moon
Start seriously to sleep, rest, because exhaustion happens easily now
Exhausted things are in danger 

2. Friday, 28th
Again, friday is a negative day, but this time it’s either / or
If there’s still a calmness in the air, great!
If not, then things already started to roll over the board
Energy starts to reach peaks
Dreams are heavy, or heaviest 

3. Saturday, 29th
Strongest tension of the period
But, little we can do about the outside world, especially now
We have to take notes anyway, to see our past
Take all in, decisions will form
And let all useless things to die in peace, if nature says so

Desires to control, to possess, probably will be highlighted,
(Of course, with the adjacent pain, frustration and fear) 

4. Sunday, 30th
New moon day

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