Week 44: 31 oct – 6 nov

Posted on: Mon, 31-Oct-2016


At least until full moon,
this month demands high awareness
Lucky star in the air, danger on the earth 


5. Monday, 31st
Until Wednesday (sort of), negative trend stays on
These days are good time to pay money, taxes
To give out to people, to give out useless things,
To help people
Giving is good and keeps safety on
Forgiving, of course
Pray for your enemy and those who do evil to you”

3. Tuesday, 1st
A day which demands high awareness also
Same pattern, slightly less negative
Take care of your body

4. Wednesday, 2nd
Technically, better
But it appears so-so
Let’s say transition day

5. Thursday, 3rd
Positive day, air should feel clearer
More optimism and hope

6. Friday, 4th
Kind of solitary socializing
Less positive than Thursday
Not good period for relating to people,
(although the socializing drive is high)

Tendencies to treat people as things
Not nice

7. Saturday, 5th
Same pattern/tendencies
Not good to get close

8. Sunday, 6th
Solitary day
Avoid whining and negative emotional people

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