Week 45: 7 -13 nov

Posted on: Sun, 06-Nov-2016



9. Monday, 7th
Both positive and stressful.
This type of energy favors aware and calm people.
All others can experience lots of frustration these days.
Shaky days, anyway.

1. Tuesday, 8th
Positive still.
Work drive goes almost to zero
Like there’s no friction, no inertia.
It’s bad to try to force it, exhaustion will happen almost instantly
Best to stay put, or take it easy, or slow
Prepare for next troublesome days

2. Wednesday, 9th
I don’t like these 2 following days, at all
Not completely negative, but I have a bad feeling about them
Clearly, useless things will find their end
Death period
It’s very important to be aware, and to rest, meditate, fast, move slowly
And avoid exhaustion, preserve your energy
And be patient, because many delays will happen.
Negative reactions will put you in weak positions
It’s better to not wait to give, it’s good to rush to give out money, things, blessings, help

3. Thursday, 10th
Same pattern, maybe less negative
In the same time, a change in energy
Work drive comes back, air starts to clear in this area, things will start to be easier to do

4. Friday, 11th
Another input of new energy
There’s a rush to do things, and it’s not constructive if let loose
The problem is these following days, mind wants to rest
Pure action? ok
But if it involves thinking, not ok
Spiritual experiences and discussions, yes
It would be good to avoid work today, or choose easy to do tasks if possible

5. Saturday, 12th
Same pattern
And relationships can be targeted now, outbursts possible
Especially when mouth has a life of its own

6. Sunday, 13th
Things tend to come to normal
Cheerful day
Hopeful energy

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