Week 46: 14-20 nov

Posted on: Sun, 13-Nov-2016


7. Monday, 14th
Full moon day
Leos can be target practice, for this full moon
Other than that, down to earth day

8. Tuesday, 15th
Surge of mental energy
Mind will change gears dramatically
No rest or insufficient pauses => headaches and dizziness
People will tend to spit out words, to hurt and attack others, emotionally => watch out

9. Wednesday, 16th
Same pattern as yesterday, maybe worse
Good time to avoid arguments as soon as negative emotions start to creep in
Good period for understanding, connecting facts

1. Thursday, 17th
negative days
protect your health, energies are not friendly for health
give your body time to rest and sleep, and wait for this bad period to pass
It seems a great week for sleep, day dreaming, future projections 

On the other hand,
some good vibes are also there, maybe not so obvious, but they are there

2. Friday, 18th
Little better, but same pattern as Thursday

3. Saturday, 19th
Good day, good vibe
But this weekend (and following Monday also) a stress source is rising

4. Sunday, 20th
Mind and people want action, activity
Body wants sleep and rest for few days (until Tuesday eve, at least)
So probably, the stress of these days will gravitate around this conflict
The best way is to cooperate with your body,
let people bark, get away from them, and do whatever you like or feel
because Monday will be the peak of stress, and it’s best to be prepared for it

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