Week 47: 21-27 nov

Posted on: Sun, 20-Nov-2016


5. Monday, 21st
A full stop day, it should be free
Use this day (as the previous weekend) to fully rest,
and stop from everything, sleep

To recharge.
Things will get more and more positive from now on (hurray!)
Recap valuable good ideas and directions, and write them down,
You will need the list in the following days.

6. Tuesday, 22nd
Sun Sagittarius, must be good 🙂
But, the car break is still on, don’t get too impatient
Moreover, lots of your past habits will come also, to feed on this new energy
So basically there are 2 options here,
Either you will give in and start spending new good energy on shitty past habits,
Or you will invest this new energy into good valuable ideas and directions.
That’s why it’s useful to have a list with good directions and ideas written down.

7. Wednesday, 23rd
Stress will mount somewhat, because new energy pushes outwards, and the break is still on.
It’s good to be patient, and don’t bother with it.
It’s good to avoid getting too close to people.
In this period, the most active are the predators (attention beggars, weak ones) 
It’s good to keep to your business, and project a great vision for the future

8. Thursday, 24th
Good period, good vibes.
Good for socializing (predators will get their punishment starting today)

9. Friday, 25th
Same pattern, good vibe.
Tricky for relationships though.
1 to 1 relationships must make room for social activity.
1 to 1 is not favored, for a while.
And, try to avoid mental excesses and mental exhaustion,
to avoid headaches and dizziness => respect your body, give it its needed pauses.

1. Saturday, 26th
New moon is approaching.
Negative days ahead.
Reminiscence of the last whole month.
Energies are positive still, but don’t underestimate this negative wave.
Dreams again will be heavier than normal.
Patience, don’t rush into negative traps (hate, jealousy, control, anger)

2. Sunday, 27th
Same pattern.


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