Week 48: 28 nov – 4 dec

Posted on: Sun, 27-Nov-2016


3. Monday, 28th
Again, same pattern as last Monday,
Moreover, it’s new moon day,
It should be only rest, meditation, no work/job
Take notes, observe fears, zombies, past
Decide only, what’s good, what’s bad
Great day for introspection and diving deep into your subconscious
Or simply long long sleep sessions

4. Tuesday, 29th
A much better day, but still, don’t rush to begin,
It’s still new moon ending day,
and it can be very stressful for some.
Understanding (of last days’ events) will dawn
In the evening, things will get the first energetic push

5. Wednesday, 30th
Positive days ahead, new moon starts,
birds chirping, flowers, spring, …. oh wait, it’s still winter šŸ˜€
Great day to project your greatest ambitions into the future
To see yourself in best and most interesting scenes

4. Thursday, 1stĀ 
….and we get back on earth for few days
More alone time, doing this, doing that
Good to build already laid out plans,
Not good day for planning though, mind wants slow motion and blank
But it’s good to see objectives or purposes achieved in your mind’s eye
Or simply day dreaming

5. Friday, 2nd
Good vibes, same as last days,
But there can be some bursts of anger, out of nowhere
Counter attack with patience, avoid traps with patience,
avoid thinking about or acting out fights with others
let conflicts slide

6. Saturday, 3rd
Good to shift focus on planning
Good to use the (easy flow of) confidence in the air
to rekindle your drive towards your highest purposes
those purposes which may appear very hard to achieve (at least for others)

7. Sunday, 4th
Very positive day, good for almost anything,
Relationship are naturally smooth,
even though distance grows between peopleĀ 
(but that’s not necessarily bad)

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