Week 49: 5-11 dec

Posted on: Sun, 04-Dec-2016



8. Monday, 5th
Positive day, continuation of Sunday.

9. Tuesday, 6th
Two negative days
There will be delays, everything will slow down continuously
Don’t fight it, rest, meditate, sleep, tea, fast, spiritual, avoid struggles

1. Wednesday, 7th
Lowest of the period
Especially today don’t push it, and don’t force it
Delay action for next two days

2. Thursday, 8th
Positive change in (monthly) energy
But very possible sluggish day today, at least first part of it

3. Friday, 9th
Very positive day(s)
Although, there’s a strong tendency towards excesses
Whoever succumbs to excesses, should be prepared for flares, backfires
Not today probably, but if flares are needed, they will burst next days

4. Saturday, 10th
Important day, beyond daily ups and downs.
Strong force that overcomes any excesses, any human influences
Everything gets back in line
Good period for reality check, to assess the situation:
habits (good and bad), past efforts, there’s clarity (if you look)
it would be good to take nature’s opportunity to see, assess, decide
and it’s everything about long term, not short term

5. Sunday, 11th
 Some sources of stress, but it’s great to march forward,
with more clarity of what you need to accomplish, what you need to overcome
Go Planet!

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