Week 50: 12-18 dec

Posted on: Sun, 11-Dec-2016


6. Monday, 12th
Calm day, before full moon
Probably it will generate more activity than usual
So, it’s a good working day,
especially because the following days will be very ADHD
It would be good to do as much as possible today then

7. Tuesday, 13th
ADHD wave starts, although it’s very possible it will be a balanced day though
in theory, positive energies, but… people are people
excesses will tip the balance into the negative,
so many explosions possible… literally
it’s good to invest in calm (against ADHD), in preparation for tomorrow

8. Wednesday, 14th
The apex of full moon,
excesses will reach their peaks.

9. Thursday, 15th
2 negative days, sleepiness, absent minded,
good to rest, and take care of your body
cooperate with social distance, if it’s imposed by the law

1. Friday, 16th
Same pattern.

2. Saturday, 17th
Very positive days.
Confidence recovering.
There can be reminiscent excesses from full moon

3. Sunday, 18th
Same pattern, positive.
Good for positive projections, marching forward.
Easy to think the best of everything.
Especially good to visualize a great positive future.

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