Week 51: 19-25 dec

Posted on: Sun, 18-Dec-2016


New moon week.

4. Monday, 19th
Silent day.
Can be work, but energies do not favor work.
A distinct thing should appear today.
Something that requires your attention for next weeks.
To solve, repair, re-plan, re-investigate, it starts with re-
For few weeks, don’t start, but repair, finish

5. Tuesday, 20th
Same pattern as Monday,
more negative though.
Patience is key.
There’s also the first big change in energy,
towards the big configuration (around 26th)
Time to see first signs of what’s in store. 

6. Wednesday, 21st
Probably a surreal day.
Probably the most beautiful day of the period in some cases.

7. Thursday, 22nd.
Sun enters capricorn.
Another big energy change, towards the configuration of 26th.
New incoming information about it (especially direction, good or bad).
Energies are on the rise.

8. Friday, 23rd
Tense day, but positive at root.
Excesses can give headaches easily though.
Starting this evening, things can go bad, watch out.

9. Saturday, 24th
Both positive and negative. Hard to predict.
But negative on the rise.
New moon approaching.
Dreams stuffed with information, past, lots of past.
Caution is key.

1. Sunday, 25th
Same pattern.


Also, earthquakes are intensifying in number,
the closer we get to the big configuration of 26th.
i hope they don’t announce a big nasty one
Because if there is one, it will be strong.
2004 tsunami strong.

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