Week 52: 26 dec -1 jan

Posted on: Sun, 25-Dec-2016


2. Monday, 26th
3 to 4 days of moon’s end
so, lots of things can happen
much past, for sure (given the holidays)
today is a dynamic day
it can go to both extremes, easily, depending on individual carelessness

3. Tuesday, 27th
Today and tomorrow are the center days, of this entire period (of several months)
So we will see what will happen.
Kind of nothing to say, except taking notes, of course
Whatever nature says is useless, give it away, or let it go
Whatever You say is good for the future, take note of it, decide it

4. Wednesday, 28th
Same pattern.
Also, don’t waste time with judging.

5. Thursday, 29th
Very mixed day.
New moon day.
Past and future coming together.
This is kind of the last day of possible happenings.
These 2 days, it’s good to take as many moments of solitude as possible

6. Friday, 30th
Same pattern.
After today, things start to get back to normal, slowly

7. Saturday, 31st
2 positive days, air is in the clear.
great for socializing, it fits very well with new year’s eve

8. Sunday, 1st
Same pattern.

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