Week 1: 2-8 jan

Posted on: Sun, 01-Jan-2017


1st week, hooray, etc

There is pressure on the mind, that will grow all week
which will give outward stress, most probably
Silence is really golden now.

4. Monday, 2nd
Static day, mostly, still positive.

5. Tuesday, 3rd
Bad period starts.
It starts today, or tomorrow.
Until Saturday, why not even Sunday.
Simply said, this period requires rest.
Anything else is considered unnatural, and will attract punishment.
Cooperation with those demanding activity, is bad also, of course.
It’s good to refuse forced action, and wait for nature to punish them.

6. Wednesday, 4th
Mind pressure grows.
Need of rest grows.
Give out money, pay taxes, help people with inferior social status.
Avoid eating, fast. Take care of the body.
Give it rest for recovery.
Refuse forcing your body into activities.

7. Thursday, 5th.
Now, energy shifts considerably for a while.
Same pattern anyway, only double stress.
Because energy will favor those who force action.
Those = people, egos, your habits, others’ habits.
So conflict, naturally will grow.
The most balanced way is to channel the need for change,
into imagination.
Work, but do it starting from point 0, from imagination.
And everything will be constructive.

8. Friday, 6th.
This day is bad.
Probably the worst of the week.
Meditate as much as possible.
Avoid people, and crowds.
And especially avoid haste, speed, stress and forcing.
Stand still is the right way.

9. Saturday, 7th.
Positive vibe comes back, slowly.

1. Sunday, 8th.
Same pattern. More positive. 

Mind pressure will drop starting Monday.

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