Week 2: 9-15 jan

Posted on: Sun, 08-Jan-2017


Tough week ahead.
Thank God there are few benevolent rulers in the air,
balancing a little, but, still negative period.
2. Monday, 9th
We’re going towards full moon, Thursday.
Tough full moon, probably toughest around.
These 2 days, thinking is not favored.
Thinking will attract excesses and reenacting old past negative scenery.
It’s better to avoid thinking (as in, run like hell from thoughts)
Do push ups, clean the house, wash dishes, run a few miles, whatever.
Convert mental and emotional tension into physical action.

3. Tuesday, 10th
Same pattern.
Avoiding thinking and past emotional drama will be good preparation.
Good preparation for the upcoming full moon.
This full moon will require a great deal of conscious effort,
to stay focused and not be swayed, emotionally.
So, better to prepare, don’t overestimate your capacities.

4. Wednesday, 11th.
First day of full moon.
The most negative days of the week.
We have to be patient and sharp.
Channel the energy into physical, if energy is bubbling up.
Otherwise, doing absolutely nothing is best, pure meditation, sleep.
Eating is also not good these days => fasting is good.
Although, probably eating will be strongly excited this full moon.

5. Thursday, 12th.
Full moon.
Peak of stress also.
God knows if and what events will happen.
But the opportunity is there.
Sharpness required, and patience.
Big social turmoils indicated.
It’s good to stay out of crowds.

6. Friday, 13th.
Ouch, 13 and Friday 😀
But in spite of this combo, energies spring back to positive.
Few days of being alone.
Being alone is good and it’s great for recovering after this full moon.

7. Saturday, 14th.
Same pattern.
Good day to learn from what happened.
To draw the lines, if needed.
To take it as “ok, that’s what I choose”
And then move the focus on the future, what’s best, only the best.

8. Sunday, 15th.
Mind starts functioning again, planning works again, easier.
So, whatever mental work or communication you have to do over this week,
delay until today, Sunday (and next days)

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