Week 3: 16-22 jan

Posted on: Sun, 15-Jan-2017



9. Monday, 16th
Basic energy is very good.
There can be some minor drags.
Good patterns, until at least Thursday, 19th.

1. Tuesday, 17th
Same pattern.
Coherent, smooth transitions.
Delays can happen, but no conflicts of interest.

2. Wednesday, 18th
Ok, an energy change.
Following days are mixed.
Mostly good influences, but this day is one to watch.
If stressful sources appear on the map, 
(as in, demands, pressing forces to do more, against natural; unbalanced demands)
don’t fuel them; nature is against physical work.
It’s good to delay; good to avoid confrontations; let nature solve them.
Planning ok, focus on future ok, imagination best, but work? not until Friday.

3. Thursday, 19th
Same pattern.
But, beware.
Things can (probably will start to) go south, starting from about 17:00 gmt.
Don’t plan anything involving relationships or social, for the evening.
(Btw, stress will rise into relationships)
(“Time snipers” will have target practice on relationships starting today)
For the evening, best is to get under your rock, and be silent or asleep.
Don’t try to communicate, you will get conflict super easy.

4. Friday, 20th
This is another day to watch.
An impulse day, energy shift.
“News” will tend to come in, nature speaks.
It can be a boom day, with many confusing events happening.
The most dangerous day of the week, be careful.
Give money today, plan to pay taxes, be ready to help people.

5. Saturday, 21st
Same pattern, but a little better.
Luckier, things start to come back to normal, if they were extreme.
But even so, let’s not underestimate the evil influences.
Avoid at all costs to respond to evil with evil, be patient, for the period to pass.

6. Sunday, 22nd
Transition day.
From bad to good.
Probably it will start with sleepiness and tiredness.
Wait for the energies to mount themselves, for things get into the clear.
But, stress on relationships continues to rise.
Warning! all next week, relationships will be under big pressures
(not only relationships, but deep mind structures also, many exams)

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