Week 4: 23-29 jan

Posted on: Sun, 22-Jan-2017


Tough energies, until weekend
Change is the keyword
Relationships are not favored, at all.
Beliefs are challenged, in a strong way.
For this week, it’s about taking feedback,
about understanding of what nature shows you
(delay every decision, delay purposeful action, until weekend)


7. Monday, 23rd
Still positive
stress on the rise though
today and tomorrow, great days for understanding
imagination is, as usual in this period, on high

8. Tuesday, 24th
Still positive, even though atmosphere gets serious
fluid communication in relationships are still possible
Time to prepare, mentally, for end moon energies
they will start strong tomorrow

9. Wednesday, 25th
Until Friday, distance from people (especially closed ones) will grow, fast
Time to be very watchful, receptive
To receive your needed message from nature
Nature speaks, listen carefully, it’s change time
Discussions, rational talking, are not favored
keep a cool head, receive your past
stress on the rise

1. Thursday, 26th
probably very low day
on one hand, stress
on the other, lack of energy
If so, it would be better to lay low
But, given the rich period for imagination,
and rich new energies bubbling up
It’s a great time to watch events, watch your thoughts
To identify useless beliefs, identify useless habits for your future
clarify with yourself, that bad is bad, and useless is useless

2. Friday, 27th
end moon day
same pattern
only that there’s even more stress
if you’re not overwhelmed, nature’s message is loud and clear today
mind is under siege, that’s for sure
from the evening, until morning, x-files period, anything can happen

3. Saturday, 28th
New moon (and new year in Chinese calendar)
clouds start to disperse
fresh beginning
epiphanies will tend to come today
time to forge ahead, and put the new understanding into practice
the most positive day of the week

4. Sunday, 29th
same pattern, very positive,
moreover, a big boom can be today,
not necessarily pleasant
In the evening, there will be an energetic low
Be careful in the night

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