Week 5: 30 jan – 5 feb

Posted on: Sun, 29-Jan-2017


Mixed week ahead.


5. Monday, 30th
Mostly stable, but at least slightly negative period.
High energies present, easy to meditate, imagine, spiritual stuff.
Slow is the natural way, but people can force things
=> delays, frustrations, blaming the scapegoats.
There’s a growing stress, like accelerating the car with breaks on.
It will be more acute next days.

6. Tuesday, 31st
Same pattern, but a little better.
It can be calmer for some,
it can be more negative for others, depending on individual traits.

7. Wednesday, 1st
A new impulse of fresh energy, spring like.
Reinforcing the new cycle.
Energy will tend to create mental stress.
It should be channeled into focus on one thing at a time, and physical work.

8. Thursday, 2nd
First peak of that growing stress.
Avoid arguments and direct communication, as much as possible.
Especially with annoying and negative people.
Close contact is not favored for few days.

9. Friday, 3rd
This is a day to be very watchful.
Very bad things can happen, starting on evening.
Another impulse of new energy,
but coupled with anger or hate (which is naturally supported now)
=> things can go really bad
Anyhow, change is in the air, more.
Let useless things be broken, don’t rush to fix them, not yet.
Invest better in trusting the law

1. Saturday, 4th
Stressful morning, but things improve.
Good for any mental and physical work, planning, starting new projects
Good for fixing broken things of late, if any.

2. Sunday, 5th
Energy gets positive.
Communication is good if both are honest.
But focus can suffer, it’s good to watch it, to keep your focus intact.

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