Week 6: 6-12 feb

Posted on: Sun, 05-Feb-2017


9. Monday, 6th
Positive day, good for emotional expression
although, mind is not that favored

1. Tuesday, 7th
Mixed day
It can go south, emotionally
watch out stressful relationships
don’t avoid them, but be aware, especially in the evening

2. Wednesday, 8th
Stressful day, emotionally and physically
patience needed
rest is needed
it’s good to stand still

3. Thursday, 9th
Mixed day, starts probably with sadness or meaninglessness
But it will improve the more evening comes into play
Confidence grows
Full moon getting close

4. Friday, 10th
The most positive day, or high energy day
Full moon
Beware of usual celebration excesses

5. Saturday, 11th
Same pattern, positive
But more down to earth

6. Sunday, 12th
Still positive, but there are some negative story lines
It depends on individual traits
Negative energies will tend to affect physical body
So, give your body rest, take care of your body
especially because last days will bring usual celebration excesses
Overall, very positive period, at base

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