Week 7: 13-17 feb

Posted on: Sun, 12-Feb-2017


7. Monday, 13th
Good day, better than yesterday.
Static in the evening

8. Tuesday, 14th
Two positive days.
Most probably best of the week and of period.
Take a deep breath, shaky month ahead.

9. Wednesday, 15th
Same pattern, positive.
There can be some outbursts of energy though.
But the negative, if needed, will be delayed for next days.

1. Thursday, 16th
Starting today, negative crescendo.
Until Saturday late evening.
Time to be extra careful with everything.
It’s good to give out, not waiting nature to take it from you.
Pay debts, taxes, help, forgive, be patient

2. Friday, 17th
Negative crescendo.
The good part is highly active imagination.
Physical is preparing for dissolving useless stuff.
The whole next month is great for fasting, taking care of the body, adapting to new.
Not great, but actually a requirement. 

3. Saturday, 18th
Peak of negativity. Highly irritable atmosphere.
Especially in the night.
Land mines, more like water mines, possible emotional explosions.
Groups are negative. 

4. Sunday, 19th
Positive energy comes back, for a while.
But the bounce back depends on what happened in the 3 days before.
It will be slower anyway, especially if damage was done.
End moon is coming strong next week anyway, so, tough week ahead.

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