Week 8: 20-26 feb

Posted on: Sun, 19-Feb-2017


5. Monday, 20th
Very mixed day.
Negative sources, positive sources.
Patience + slow => negative is alleviated

6. Tuesday, 21st
More negative, less social.
Watch out the evening, close relationships are dangerous.

7. Wednesday, 22nd
Negative day, sleepy probably, maybe gloominess.
Distance grows continuously between people.
Good to analyze, good to set things, it’s easy to observe the most practical route.

8. Thursday, 23rd
More upbeat day on one hand, a slow down on the other.
Effects of Sunday’s end moon are felt a lot today.
Good to identify the patterns of the feedback you need to take.
2nd part of the day, probably total shutdown.
Evening is getting more positive.

9. Friday, 24th
Although end moon is coming, it’s a positive period.
Past oriented, ok, but perception is very clear.
=> great to understand and set directions.

1. Saturday, 25th
Same pattern, but in the 2nd part of the day, end moon is winning.
Energies converge, slowly but surely towards end moon moment.
Mind is slowed down to almost blank.
Perception is distorted, but still clearer than tomorrow, past is king.
Great to take as much feedback as possible about your past self.
Let everything be, exactly as it is right now,
BUT, decide what is correct for the future.

2. Sunday, 26th
End moon day.
Aloneness is best route.
Rest, observe, meditate, tea, sleep, silence, patience, stay positive.

Although new moon begins today, it’s a negative period until around March 1st
So, prepare mentally for it.

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