Week 9: 27 feb – 5 mar

Posted on: Mon, 27-Feb-2017


3. Monday, 27th
Same pattern as yesterday.
Okey-ish, calm, natural delays.
Mind can go to extremes though, from 0 to full speed

4. Tuesday, 28th
On one hand, influx of positive energy.
On the other hand, we get nearer to a negative point (tomorrow)

5. Wednesday, 1st
Negative peak. Body is vulnerable.
Tension is the greatest enemy today, it can cause all kinds of attacks.
Calm is the most important, to keep immune system in balance.
Avoid negative feelings at all costs.

6. Thursday, 2nd
Absent mind in the beginning.
Positive influx on energy, balanced, good for the body.
Today and tomorrow are good.

7. Friday, 3rd
Same pattern.
But we get nearer to Saturday, another negative peak.
Relationships will be in spotlight in next period.
Useless things and useless habits in relationships must dissolve.
Otherwise, relationships can actually end.
Something must give in, but it’s not a 1-day process, more like weeks.

8. Saturday, 4th
Probably the most negative day of the week?
Clues about what you need to solve, will be clearest now.
So listen carefully in this weekend, look for signs.
Observe relationship patterns.
Whatever seems wrong, or makes you angry => that’s what you need to solve.

9. Sunday, 5th
Same pattern in general, especially in the morning, first part of day.
Afterwards, things change for the better.
But slowly, so basically it’s kind of the same energy as yesterday.

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