Week 10: 6-12 mar

Posted on: Mon, 06-Mar-2017



1. Monday, 6th
Nice, more like static, music oriented period.
In the 2nd part, the focus will be on helping others, so be open to it.
This week, at least until Friday, it’s static, or slowed down.
In an advanced society, this type of week is free from work.

2. Tuesday, 7th
Mostly a nice balanced emotional day.
But there’s a possibility of emotional stress, peak tomorrow.
Still, emotional balance today will win.

3. Wednesday, 8th
That possible peak of stress will appear around 13:00 GMT
The natural way is to stay put, completely.
The conflict will come from sources demanding forced action.
(your sources, or others’)
In the evening things get even more positive.

4. Thursday, 9th
Two best days of the week.
Confidence grows, light is easier, high capacity to observe clearly.
Still, work is not favored.

5. Friday, 10th
Action drive starts again.
Confidence high.
But it’s a more self oriented day, each with his own.
Positive day.

6. Saturday, 11th
The reverse of yesterday.
Less confidence, but more social, others oriented.
We are entering full moon.
A certain pressure on the mind grows steadily.
Peak on Sunday.
Forces that are suggesting excesses.

7. Sunday, 12th
Full moon, many things.
excess of yesterday most probably
peak of mental stress (around 11 GMT)
loss of focus, drunken chicken style
dangerous desire for speed at the (very) wrong time

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[…] Source: Week 10: 6-12 mar | AstroGeneral […]

[…] Source: Week 10: 6-12 mar | AstroGeneral […]

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