Week 12: 20-26 march

Posted on: Mon, 20-Mar-2017

2017 week12 20-26 march

“Ok people, enough with god, back to trivia”
…and then, hordes of people rushed down from Mount Olive
going back to plains and valleys,
especially where altitude was below sea level…

it’s not actually the beginning beginning of the year,
there’s still an end moon week ahead

6. Monday, 20
Still positive
Evening can be stressful

Stubbornness can act as root cause
And abusive attitudes
Sprinkled with psychopaths here and there
Best is to focus on bright future
That’s the best idiot proof vest

7. Tuesday, 21
Same pattern.
And, resist fighting with people in the morning
especially close ones
People tend to be restless and irritated

8. Wednesday, 22
Same pattern.
But a little on the negative side.
Maybe tiredness or sleepiness, more so than usual.
Go with the flow, rest if that’s the flow.

9. Thursday, 23
Energy shift towards positive side
Positive days

1. Friday, 24
But relationships can be target practice
Saturday, tomorrow, is a key date for relationships

2. Saturday, 25
Probably possession will be in the focus with relationships
Abuse, possession, dismissive attitudes
Probably lots of thought of “enough is enough”
Which is only fair
Evening is negative
And mouths will probably be full of shit

3. Sunday, 26
As universe taught you yesterday,
silence is golden
well, fuck you, universe!”

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