Week 13: 27 march – 2 april

Posted on: Mon, 27-Mar-2017

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2017 week13 26 march - 2 april

4. Monday, 27
End moon day.
Solitary silent period, at least in theory.
Past visiting => take notes about your choices, decide.
Evening can bring (very) hot tempers, mostly past reactions.
Delay any action for tomorrow.

5. Tuesday, 28
New moon, new year starts.
Very positive.
Aggressive energy should be channeled into future best version.
Multitasking bad, one by one good.
These days, long term planning should be key focus.

6. Wednesday, 29
Some mental pressures.
Avoid overthinking, overdoing.
This day wants many pauses.
Evening starts uneventful, but energy stabilizes afterwards.

7. Thursday, 30
Positive days for physical work.
Mental activity is not favored for few days.
Mind requires rest, especially if mental excesses happened last days.

8. Friday, 31
Mostly blank throughout the day.
Evening makes a bang, or energy shifts.
Mind is again favored, planning especially, anything related to work.

6. Saturday, 1
Positive, childlike atmosphere.

7. Sunday, 2
Positive day still, but watch out for accidents.
Root causes: rush, haste, irresponsibility.
Patience is a must.

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