Week 14: 3 – 9 april

Posted on: Mon, 03-Apr-2017


2017 week14 3-9april

8. Monday, 3
Negative day, peak in the evening
Possible battleground: home
Keep distance from angry sources

9. Tuesday, 4
Same pattern basically, but at a smaller scale.
It’s easier though to channel energy in physical activity

1. Wednesday, 5
2. Thursday, 6
Positive days
Watch stubbornness, especially on Thursday
Channel the stubbornness into pressing towards the “impossible” best version

3. Friday, 7
4. Saturday, 8
Mind is in sync easily with the body.
Good for work, physical days.

5. Sunday, 9
This is a day to watch.
A storyline, re-developing all week in relationships,
Should have a peak this day (long term stuff, not short term)
The good way is to be serious about it, and patient, and really open to change

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