Week 15: 10 – 16 april

Posted on: Mon, 10-Apr-2017


Monday, 10
Tuesday, 11
Positive, but full moon days
Not only relationships and beliefs are still a target practice for planets,
But starting today, another issue might come into view
Issue needing to be solved in following weeks
Most probably they are related anyway
Take notice, identify the issue (easiest to spot probably on Wednesday)
start repairing as soon as possible
(as in, focusing+going in the Right direction, letting the wrong alone)

Wednesday, 12
Thursday, 13
Negative days
Focus on giving and helping, paying taxes, etc, for balance
Awareness must be high this period, for balance
Thursday night, there’s a strong negative event, could trigger a social event

Friday, 14
Mixed day, shift from negative to positive

Saturday, 15
Mostly positive
Watch close relationships though, watch those long term habits
Because they can trigger nasty stuff if left unattended

Sunday, 16
This is a central day, in the long run
Recovering period for relationships starts today
Or conclusions, decisions, revelations, clarifications will start from now on
Period going into the end of April

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