Week 16: 17 – 23 april

Posted on: Mon, 17-Apr-2017

2017 week16 17-23april

Moday, 17
Tuesday, 18
Sluggish days, slow, sleepiness
Slow is better these days
A delicate week for physical body, don’t force it

Wednesday, 19
Mixed day
Same pattern as last days, morning especially
The atmosphere, whatever it is, will have its peak now
Then, things improve, energy becomes lighter, slowly

Thursday, 20
Little better
Thinking is not favored, but imagination is
It’s a kind of stillness this period, that will peak Friday
Give priority to rest, and slow actions

Friday, 21
Important day
Energy shifts, multiple changes
Today, last strong peak for beliefs structures and relationships (the long term stuff)
From now on, clarifications will start to appear, naturally, epiphanies, visions, decisions
But on the short term, few more negative days again
It will be a conflict between silence and talking
Avoid anger at all costs, and balance it with patience and giving freedom
This way you stay away from explosive events that might happen these days
Few more days and winter is done for this year

Saturday, 22
Mixed day, positive winning over negative, but slowly
Body is favored, more and more
Let silence be if you cannot enjoy it, and avoid criticizing
If nature forbids communication with others,
channel the need to talk into imagining an exciting future, self talk
Rushing or forcing will generate only problems this period

We have to accept the slow rhythm which nature imposes

Sunday, 23
Same pattern mostly, but more improvement

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