Week 17: 24 – 30 april

Posted on: Mon, 24-Apr-2017

2017 week17 24-30april

Monday, 24
Tuesday, 25
Wednesday, 26
End moon period.
Time to observe our past, observe closely,
nature throws patterns we really need to see and understand (about our ways)
Time to take responsibility for what is coming back to us.
Time to decide, make choices, without attacking anyone.
Good to finish things.

Thursday, 27
New moon, new start.
But break is still on for few days, but it’s a start nevertheless.
Everything improves slowly

Friday, 28
This day is important in communication area, in some way.
Maybe strange new ideas, or people, coming out of the blue.
Social period, tendencies to exaggerate with talking

Saturday, 29
Same pattern, social day
Also, another energy push in the right direction (venus aries)

Sunday, 30
Some conflict energy arise in (close) relationships
Good to be aware of it, and focus on the good things
While letting a certain distance be there between people.

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