Week 19: 8 – 14 may

Posted on: Mon, 08-May-2017

2017 week19 8-14 may

Monday, 8
Positive day

Tuesday, 9
Dangerous two days
Full moon
Time to be very careful
Time to give away things, give help and give money
Rest and patience are key, against fear
Rushing things is very negative

Wednesday, 10
Same pattern, highest intensity
Full moon peak

Thursday, 11
Energies start to change for the better
Mixed day

Friday, 12
Very positive energy
Some bad cycles for the body can flare up in parallel

Saturday, 13
Same pattern
Today will be clearest if bad cycles are flaring up or not
If so, be patient, let them slide by
Mind will want rest, thinking is not favored for few days

Sunday, 14
Positive period for the body
Natural tendencies to be more alone
Or at a distance from people, which is advisable
Mind is still around 0, very slow with mental work
If past physical excesses are there, this period will demand rest, a lot

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