Week 21: 22 – 28 may

Posted on: Mon, 22-May-2017

2017 week21 22-28 may

End moon week
Time to welcome zombies into the fire
Or simply put, time to receive feedback 😛

Work day, nothing interesting
I would say effort is better than rest

Mixed day
Watch the morning;
Things will slow down until afternoon
and frustration can give out strange conflicts.
Starting from afternoon, things start to move, good energy input

Well, here we go with the end moon
It should start in more force today, until Thursday evening
Dreams will probably be full of weird and old stuff, racing
Don’t resist anything, see everything, observe, take notes of the past
Everything you see = ingredients for new choices from now on
So…stay informed 😛
(lots of weight probably in the evening, sleep is best)

Same pattern, until afternoon.
Amplitude will be on the rise though.
Especially because everything will tend to slow down
And people, obviously will try to force
In the afternoon, watch 12:15 gmt
There’s a shift there
Things will move fast in the direction of end moon
Whatever that direction might be
Peak at 19:15 gmt, then New Moon starts
Until the peak, don’t resist, watch, take notes only
Avoid taking what you see as real, perception is super distorted

Positive, spring like
Life seems again to be ahead, not behind of us 😀

Same positive pattern, at least until around 12:00 gmt
Afterwards, a developing stressful trend will be more apparent.
It will peak on monday morning
All in all, I would consider this weekend as negative
With potential strong conflicts in family or close relationships

Same pattern

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