Week 22: 29 may – 4 june

Posted on: Mon, 29-May-2017

Absent atmosphere until afternoon.
In the evening, positive energy springs up

Very positive day

Same pattern, but in the evening, shift in energy
Stress in the air will mount up
If you perceive resistance and breaking things around
Lay low, move slow

Not good time for forcing things, or for speed => easy nasty accidents
Stress peaks, watch 12:40 GMT
Although luck is high these days, don’t push it

Same pattern mostly
Things will tend to stand still for a while
Actions will be resisted => pressure will mount up in people
Luck or smoothness is on the rise still, but again, forcing is bad
If conflicts do appear, they will tend to be swift and explosive

Most positive day of the week
There is a natural tendency in people to focus too much on their ego
which will create an attitude to ignore others, dismissiveness,
but for now, things are smooth, naturally, balacing bad attitudes
(but this bad attitude will nevertheless add up, for the near future)

Monthly shift in energy, affecting actions and emotions
Time to be observant about what storm may come in next days
Today will probably be still nice,
but as with every shift, changes are usually strong
And past areas become active, bringing unfinished ghosts into view
=> this day will probably appear as a nice day, with old stuffs trying to spoil it
Exercise focus on working towards your best direction

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