Week 23: 5 – 11 june

Posted on: Mon, 05-Jun-2017

2017 week23 5-11june


(blue times = shifts worthy to watch)

Calm and imaginative morning
10:45 gmt
Energy shifts towards negative
But today will still be ok, probably 😛
Anyway, be on guard from now on
Start giving out money (all forms of payment)
give out useless things

To stay centered.

Watch physical body, it’s a low day for it
Avoid physical and mental pressure
07:28 gmt
Energy is slowly turning towards positive
Rest your mind, or let the mind rest as much as possible today
As a preparation for the ADHD of following days
Better to rest instead of fighting the tide (or the “nothingness”)
22:16 gmt

Same pattern, in general
But very mixed day
On one hand, negative is still there, although receding
On the other, big input of energy
And a lot of impatience and forcing
It’s great if there’s one direction to push towards it
Otherwise… watch it.
22:00 gmt

Full moon entering in force
Positive energy at base
Too strong to… manage it
All kind of things will reach their peak
(Good and bad ones also)

Same pattern, but bigger amplitude
13:09 gmt, full moon peak
I would say, be on guard around large or super large crowds
Invisible entities are… hunting

01:19 gmt
Pressure recedes
Energy bounces back to self, slowly, towards home zone
11:36 gmt
19:49 – 20:40 gmt

Rest day, most likely
And God rested on 7th day 😛
(or God got back home, and did some repairing around the house :D)

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