Week 24: 12 – 18 jun

Posted on: Mon, 12-Jun-2017

(blue times, worthy to watch)

Monday, 12 jun
Sort of sluggish. Alone, work
18:45 gmt
23:46 gmt

Tuesday, 13 jun
14:08 gmt
Wednesday, 14 jun
3:57 gmt
2 positive days, good for almost anything
Communication is easy
Especially on Wednesday
22:53 gmt

Thursday, 15 jun
02:40 gmt
Very mixed day
Still positive, but it gets negative with time
10:18 gmt

Friday, 16 jun
Shaky, energy improves on one hand,
But negative didn’t reach its peak yet
I would coin this day as troublesome, be on guard
13:10 gmt

Saturday, 17 jun
0:28 gmt
11:31 gmt, peak of stress
Physical body most probably under attack, past influences
Great force to give out energy, which is dangerous in itself
Excess of giving out puts you in weak spot, easy target
Luckily, there’s luck in the air, balancing the equation in some measure
If body shows aching, wait and rest, wait for the time to pass, this is a time to wait
The most troublesome day of the week.
18:00 gmt, shift towards good vibes

Sunday, 18 jun
Negative retreats, but slowly most probably
Energy demanding action
Exercise, work, but light activity is best now, nothing strong
11:00 gmt

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