Week 25: 19-25 june

Posted on: Mon, 19-Jun-2017


Day ok, possible bumps in the evening
18:06 gmt

22:24 gmt

These few days bring more resistance against doing, certain “blank”-ness
(In some cases, this resistance will be very obvious, especial on mental level)
Work will be favored next days, especially after new moon, not now
4:27 gmt
10:00 gmt
22:45 gmt

End moon period starts in full force
Perception will begin to be distorted a lot
Lots of trivial and old stuff, talking etc
Same with dreams, muddy, and in some cases very gross
In some cases, these days, sleepiness is off the charts,
so don’t worry if that’s so with you
Delays and investing in pauses of communication are good

22:05 gmt
Same pattern, only stronger
Emotional level will become muddiest, most probably

2:31 gmt (New Moon)
Air gets clearer, maybe slowly?
Old starts to be washed out, new incoming energy
8:12 gmt
19:10 gmt
19:36 gmt

5:36 gmt
Same pattern as Saturday
If sluggishness and tiredness appear, let it be and rest


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