Week 26: 26 june – 2 july

Posted on: Mon, 26-Jun-2017

2017 week26 26 june - 2 july

Two good days
There are few stresses, nothing much
Mostly on mental plane
10:29 gmt
And those stresses can give out understanding, seeing things in new light
But it will not come easy, probably through some conflict of some sort, inner or outer
Peak will be around 18:20 gmt

00:41 gmt
Another two good days ahead, but of different sort
More effort, work, things go smooth there

…and with some hops…
1:57 gmt
9:32 gmt
18:50 gmt
Same pattern in general,
but at these hops, better be aware and willing to go with the tide
Even if that means full stop, which is best option when air is full of stress

07:02 gmt
Change in energy, and it may come with a boom
It can go to extremes, either to complete stop, or to full effort
Depends on many things with each individual
But clearly today is a day to watch and letting bad emotions slide by
Best way is to channel inner stress into workout, effort, work
But if work meets resistance from the outside, slow down to the 1st gear

1:51 gmt
Peak of stress
watch out this period, friday night until 2 am
Lots of weird things can happen,
after which, things will (start to) settle down

9:30 gmt, good input of energy
17:02 gmt, minor waves of stress, depending on what happened friday

2:16 gmt, another recoil wave of stress from friday
Individuals will tend to be secluded in their own minds today
Each trapped into his own mind and desires
True empathy is at a low these days
17:00 gmt
Mixed days ahead, possibly quite turbulent, going into Monday and Tuesday
we will see then

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