Week 27: 3-9 july

Posted on: Mon, 03-Jul-2017

2017 week27 3-9 july

Until 16:45 gmt, no matter what, it’s still smooth
After that, it’s possible atmosphere to become darker
But, whatever,
the advantage is great capacity to self investigate

Great force to pierce deep issues with awareness
So, this day will show the trend for next few days
If it gets darker => opportunity to self healing, dealing with inner darkies
No matter how dark it appears, it’s a great opportunity for change and understanding
Probably also a retreat from the outside world, at least on the psychological level

07:55 gmt
Same pattern, more pronounced

05:36 gmt, start of the first light at the end of the tunnel
Energy improves, more optimism, revelations, good impulses
But still more time needs to pass, to cross the bump

00:19 gmt, 2nd wave of positive change
optimism is on the rise
02:51 gmt, peak of the bump
Positive day, on the up side

Today is another defining day
How positive energy will be used
Using positive energy to try again the past methods of self gratification?
Or using positive energy to invest in good change, towards what we want?
03:34 gmt
Because, what follows, weeks, or a month,
it’s a quite a long period of easy access to will power

Which is very important

17:44 gmt
…but fiiiirst…
we need to cross a full moon for few days
It starts in full force right now, and it will bring all zombie army, in full strength 😀

Full moon day, whatever happens, happens, cannot be stopped,
Too late to stop the train
Letting things be = the best strategy
Plus patience
Nothing much we can do

04:05 gmt, peak of full moon
After this, things come back to normality, slowly, but surely

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