Week 28: 10-16 july

Posted on: Mon, 10-Jul-2017


2017 week28 10-16 july

Positive period
Mind clarity is high
18:02 gmt
Great opportunity to understand your emotions better
To change your perception, to change how you perceive
22:37 gmt
Confidence is high, great for pressing forward into the right direction

05:16 gmt
11:05 gmt
A slowdown starts
A slow shift in energy
15:51 gmt
Mixed period ahead

09:28 gmt
A peak of stressful energy
Atmosphere is positive though
Most positive part is insight about prejudices and relationships
But most probably it will come through conflict (inner or outer)
18:27 gmt, possibly another bump, but positive energy holds

09:24 gmt
10:08 gmt, the other peak of stress of the period
Be on guard, avoid forcing anything, patience is golden
17:00 gmt
After this, things will go into a stand still
until 23:52 gmt
Energy shifts, troublesome days ahead, lots of question marks

It’s not wise to underestimate these few days (and the next week)
even if it proves a positive period in the end

Be on guard

03:02 gmt
19:25 gmt, the peak of troubles (1st one)
Negative, destructive effects can easily happen,
in an explosive manner

Be on guard
Standing still physically, being alone, avoiding close contacts
This would be the best route
But also,
great opportunity to forge ahead powerfully, in your head/imagination
towards your goal
While letting the outside world be what it is = just past doings

01:11 gmt into Monday, 2nd peak, better be asleep then


(blue hours are worthy to watch)








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