Week 29: 17 – 23 july

Posted on: Mon, 17-Jul-2017


2017 week29 17-23 july

Sluggish at first, but it gets better with time

Very mixed day
Many small and medium impulses
More negative in the first part of the day
More positive in the 2nd part of the day
11:29 gmt
Body feels well, but it will probably want everything slow
Until Thursday at least, slow is the most natural way
It’s also best to refrain from meddling with people’s beliefs these days
16:00 gmt
20:20 gmt
22:29 gmt

Probably the most static day for the body, don’t force it
(meanwhile, mind picks up speed continuously in this period)
07:30 gmt, moon gemini
The best part is that with all negative influences, there’s a big lucky source
But, it’s better not to push it, at least not these days,until new moon
Rule of thumb for this period is: speed favors accidents (and can be nasty too)
Enjoy the luck, refuse speed

00:27 gmt
11:39 gmt
12:20 gmt, mars leo
23:26 gmt
Shifts in energy on multiple fronts,
New good energy starts to kick in
But for now, it will not stand a chance against the weekend’s end moon

08:09 gmt, moon crab
End moon begins
Best is to shift focus to patience and emotional stability
Because lots of waves will come in, one way or the other
Watch out for family arguments, anything that tries to stir anger
Stand still as much as possible, is best
Delay any new stuffs

Same pattern, end moon, amplitude only rises
Past grows, lots of mind distorsions
09:32 gmt
15:15 gmt, sun leo
But also new good energy helps a lot
Best is to use the new positive energy to hold ground against the past
If future is visible, great, focus on it, otherwise, holding ground in silence is best

09:45 gmt New Moon
New moon starts, positive wins, past gives in
11:41 gmt
Use any opportunity to advance towards good





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