Week 30: 24-30 july

Posted on: Mon, 24-Jul-2017

2017 week30 24-30 july

Positive, but things are stalling for a while
A positive wave is mounting up, could be uncomfortable,
But it’s good for changes (especially mental changes, attitudes, etc)

00:46 gmt, moon + north node
Same pattern, maybe even more stalling
09:22 gmt, moon+mercury
10:32 gmt, moon + virgo
Gear shift, up, things start moving more vigorously
23:43 gmt, mercury + virgo
Another gear shift, up, another change in energy, bring more practicality and clarity

Positive and active day,
energy is channeled easily into coordinated action

00:53 gmt, sun + mars
06:29 gmt, moon – venus
15:36 gmt, moon + libra
This day is quite hard to anticipate,
it has lots of active sources
It’s an either / or situation
Excess of energy can give explosions and war
But it also can give stability and growth, if channeled constructively
Depends on the “user”

22:34 gmt, moon + jupiter
Positive, easy day, upbeat

Still positive, until in the evening at least
20:23 gmt, moon + venus
After this, things turn towards dark side 🙂

Can be very negative and stressful, conflictual
Lots of resistances will pop up from nowhere
Calm and patience are key

00:23 gmt, moon + scorpio
13:01 gmt, moon – mars
15:23 gmt, moon – sun
From now on, things will come back to normal, slowly
But high awareness is needed, don’t underestimate this day, at all

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